He Spies, etc. Pt. 6. 3 Kids Died in US High Schools in 3 Days. What Will the HCS Do to Keep This from Happening in Its Schools?

Predictably the pronouncements made to justify the Huntsville City School’s clandestine monitoring of social media are variations on this chorus line:

  Student and staff safety is our number one concern…period. Ask any parent and they will tell you they want their child home from school, every day, safe and sound…no exceptions. — David Blair, BOE President

And who can argue about that?

Just this week three American kids didn’t make it home from school.

Were they shot? No.

Stabbed? No

Victims of gang violence? No.

Monday. September 29, 2014, a student in NC died, as did one in Troy, AL. The third died Wednesday in NY.

All teenagers, all of whom collapsed on the field in their high school football uniforms.

If student safety is really the HCS’s top priority, perhaps it should considering ending its football program.

Yeah, right.




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