“Temporary Transfer” or Making Up Policy On the Fly

In its own right, what happened to the young girl in the bathroom at Butler High on September 17, 2012 is bad enough.

The aftermath reveals that there are huge cracks in accountability in the Huntsville City Schools, and it shows that the superintendent, Colonel Wardynski, is a loose cannon, out of control of the Board, all five of whom have collectively decided to lay down and play dead.

Only after being embarrassed in the media did Wardynski throw a bone to the victim’s mother who had for ten days requested a transfer out of Butler for her daughter.

Through a spokesperson, Wardynski notified WAFF that:

“’Until the investigation is complete, Huntsville City Schools will grant an immediate temporary transfer for the student to [withheld here but initially not by HCS] High if her mother has concerns for her safety,’ said Dr. Casey Wardynski on Thursday, according to a school spokesperson.”

Problem 1: There’s no mention of “temporary transfers” in the HCS Policy Manual.

Just not there. Have a look for yourself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems clear Wardynski just made up this special category on the fly because he is determined not to allow this child to get on with her life.

He doubled this by identifying her destination. You won’t find it in WAFF’s current article, which was revised, probably when their legal team reviewed it after the public asked what the hell the Supe thought he was doing by sharing a bullying and assault victim’s future plan for safe schooling with the world.

Problem 2: The transfer policies specifically exclude temporary transfers [provision i, Duration]:

“Only in exceptional circumstances as determined by the
Superintendent or Delegate Assistant Superintendent will consideration be given for the student to transfer to a different school during the school year if a transfer has already been given for or within that year.”

Oh, but wait. This must be an “exceptional circumstance,” right? This is just one of dozens of “policies” that the Supe or his appointed minion can over-ride at will. In other words, he can do as he pleases. Period.

Problem 3: Transfer policies in the HCS manual neglect to include Ala Code 290-3-1-02, which reads:

A student who becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense committed on school property during school hours or at school-sponsored activities shall be given an opportunity to transfer to a safe public school within the local education agency. The school shall notify the student’s parent/guardian of the right to transfer within 10 calendar days from the date of a final determination by the school board that a violent criminal offense has occurred. Alabama students who attend a school deemed persistently dangerous by the State Department criteria will be offered a transfer option to another school.  A persistently dangerous school is one in which for 3 consecutive years the school has expelled 1% of the student population or 5 students (whichever is greater) for violent criminal offenses committed on school property during school hours or committed at school-sponsored activities. (Ala Code 290-3-1-02).”

Moreover, the HCS policy manual seems to defy Alabama State Statutes since it insists  “and only applications for the following reasons will be accepted” — and Ala Code 290-3-1-02 isn’t there. There is, however, provision h:

“Transfers for other reasons may be approved as prescribed by the Superintendent.”

Sound familiar? Provision h is followed by provision i, quoted earlier, which also reserves for the Colonel the right to over-ride the HCS stated policies.

Are you beginning to get an idea of how this man has ensured that he can do as he damn well pleases?

Well done, Board. Well done indeed.



7 thoughts on ““Temporary Transfer” or Making Up Policy On the Fly

  1. Don’t over look the fact that Butler is a Title 1 School that is in School Improvements….anyone can transfer out at any time…

  2. Not enough citizens applying pressure to HCS Board. I can not believe every parent is not outraged by the conduct of the superintendent. Only thing elected officials understand is dollars and cents. Stop the money flow and you will get some attention.

  3. Wardynski is trying to run the school system based on military strategy. ” I’m am officer, therefore I’m God and what I say goes”. Our children are damned if he and the current board stays in office.
    I hope the state BOE becomes involved before this megolomaniacal charlatan causes some child to get killed ta school. We don’t want another Columbine in Huntsville.
    I stopped signing the HCS policy manual many years ago. There is no law that says a parent must sign it and I also made sure that the system knew I refused to sign and why.

  4. Here’s my take on LeanFrog philosophy and values as it applies today in the midst of HCS turmoil.

    Value is defined by the customers and stakeholders. Understand fully the value you deliver to customers and stakeholders.

    Strive to increase that value and consistently deliver more value than expected.

    Student Welfare is the “Value” which can be measured in educational achievement and safe schools.

    Teach ALL employees to understand value and then listen to their ideas for increasing value.

    The Superintendent needs to listen to the employees (Teachers, Supervisors, etc) to increase educational achievement and promote safe schools.

    Eliminate/control all aspects of the business costs (in time, energy, and money) that do not directly create, increase or deliver value. These costs are waste and prevent the company’s ability to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations.

    Eliminate Casey Wardynski

    Understand how Value is CREATED by the business and how it FLOWS to customers. Flow value through systematic, optimized processes.

    Educational achievement and safer schools will flow to the students once Casey is gone and the Board Members decide to listen to parents, students, and teachers through open dialogue.

    Measure performance at all levels of business: Strategic and operational. Reward and recognize successes. Learn from failures – FAST, then try again. Pursue Perfection through both continuous incremental and radial improvements. Think outside your industry’s “box.”

    Have Supt. look self in the mirror and ask: how much advance planning did I give my teaching staff to prepare for the 2012-2013 school year? How well did I include all stakeholders in planning this digital transition? What are the chances that I will ever become an effective leader in education? RESIGN and turn the schools back over to the citizens of Huntsville. Have board approach a well respected neighboring school district supt. and offer that person a deal that cannot be refused.

    HCS needs the following items systemized:
    Supt Leadership and strategy development, Measurement and Analysis of Supt. performance immediately, REAL TIME Engagement and Development of Employees, Value-Add Process (what are parents willing to pay to get a professional Supt.), and Focus on Student educational achievement and safety.

    • Well said concerned parent the only thing I would add is the entire school board, including re elected and newly elected members need to resign and the mayor and the city council appoint new members until a special election can be held.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the Colonel the “decider” of who goes to Pinnacle and students no longer have due process rights?

    • You are correct, based on the Pinnacle contract. There is no mention of Pinnacle or Elk River on the HCS website, in its policy manual, or in the student handbook. Covert op.

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