All Those New Hires in the Central Office and No One Can Update a Website?

I offer you just two things to consider today.

It is the second day of the 2012-2013 school year. The link from the Huntsville City Schools’ homepage to the Student Handbook takes you via this page to the 2011-2012 Handbook.

The Seldon Center closed in May 2012. Since February 2012, Huntsville taxpayers have been paying The Pinnacle Schools, a private business, to cover services Seldon provided.

If you click on Schools from the opening page, and then on Special Centers, you’d have every reason to believe that the Fletcher E. Seldon Educational Progress Center exists and that all this Pinnacle Schools/Elk River Treatment Program stuff I’ve written about is just the product of a delusional mind. No mention of Pinnacle can be found on the HCS site.

So here we have this big technology push at the HCS, following a year chock-full of new hires at the Central Office, and what do we have to show for it?

An outdated website.

No Student Handbook for 2012-2013.






4 thoughts on “All Those New Hires in the Central Office and No One Can Update a Website?

  1. HCS is currently working on a new website that will launch in August. During this time, some of our current links may not work. We ask for your patience as our staff is working to provide you with a new and improved website.

    The above is posted on HCS’ home page. August is almost over..

    • You are right. It’s more than just broken links. It is also outdated information. You don’t have to redesign the website to update information or fix bad links, for that matter. Why not do what needs doing most first?

  2. Also, the lunch menu is from last April. That is not very helpful when you are trying to decide if you are buying lunch or if you need to make lunches for your kids.

    • And for a year now the link to the Transportation page from the Directory has been broken. I used to check last fall to see which schools had doubled up schedules: broken link. Checked this morning: broken link. One year. At least.

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