Never say I don’t have a firm grasp of the obvious. But what is obvious to me isn’t to all. So bear with me here.

“Leader” is a neutral noun. “Leadership” is not necessarily a virtue. We could spend the day talking about good leaders and bad leaders to make this point, but my purpose isn’t to compare anyone to Gandhi or Hitler or Lincoln or Stalin or Attila the Hun or Joan of Arc.

Take a look instead at Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind and then consider whether leaders should always be followed.

There are some circumstances where it makes more sense than not to follow the leader. In a crisis, in battle, there isn’t time to consider multiple options and opinions. You trust that the leaders making the life and death decisions know what is best and value your life as much as they do your own. Then you get on with it.

I wonder if too many citizens in Huntsville have had so much experience as members of the armed forces or as civilian contractors to the military that they forget that a retired colonel acting as a school superintendent is not owed unquestioning allegiance. Wardynski is not in the Army now. Kids in Huntsville City Schools are not in the Army now. Most of the Huntsville City Schools stakeholders are not in the Army now, and even if they are, sending their kids off to school is not the same as going into combat.

Get a grasp of the obvious, people. It’s not that hard.


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