$99,000 and Rising

As May 12th draws to a close, we have reached the 132nd day of the year — the 132nd day that the citizens of Huntsville, AL, have paid $750 to the Pinnacle Schools to reserve five teepees at its Elk River Academy and Treatment Program, a wilderness behavior modification [aka concentration, reprogramming, camp] where minors can be held without a hearing or access to an attorney or the outside world, for as long as it suits the Colonel, Supe Wardynski.

Just a reminder.

What, we haven’t heard from any teepee dwellers? Well, duh. We won’t. Remember, the address of these teepees the citizenry are paying for is unpublished. You can pay for them, but you can’t see them.

I am pleased to report that in 34 more days, or $25,500 in teepee terms, I will no longer be a resident of this city and no longer contributing fiscally toward this disgrace.

This doesn’t mean I’m finished reminding you about this.


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